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Feeling overwhelmed by conflicting health info? Eliminate the confusion with evidence-based content.

Welcome To The SmartStrongBold™ Community!

Our mission inside SmartStrongBold™ is to provide you with an evidence-based hub for all things nutrition, fitness, and health. 

You can be sure that the information found here is evidence-based and up-to-date. No more Googling, sifting through Instagram posts, or relying on Facebook groups for nutrition and fitness information. Take the stress out of your health journey & connect with other like-minded members.

The SmartStrongBold™ Membership 

Please read the description in FULL to understand what mini membership means and includes or doesn't include. Refunds are not issued under any circumstance for digital products (the information cannot be 'returned').


SmartStrongBold™ (or simply SSB) is a special kind of community made up of amazing women who are fed up with mainstream diet culture and health advice.

Our "mini membership" give you access to the membership space for an extremely affordable monthly rate of $9.99.

Once inside, you'll find quality articles, resources [including the SmartStrongBold™ macronutrient calculator!], and courses about nutrition, fitness, body composition, supplements, and so much more.

This isn't your mama's outdated diet and exercise plan.

Instead of unsustainable low cal, low carb, low fat (low happiness) nutrition advice, you will find comprehensive, but easy-to-understand, courses and articles that teach you everything you need to know about setting up a nutritional plan. One that makes sense for your unique body and goals. 

No two people are alike which is why an individualized approach is absolutely necessary. You won't find any cookie cutter, 1200 calorie meal plans here. Starvation is out, fueling ourselves properly is in.

The nutrition course is your one-stop shop for learning the foundational knowledge required to make the best choices for your body, goals, & lifestyle [purchase once you're inside SSB. Currently on sale for $19.99!]. 

Ready to step it up a notch and add in quality workouts? 

Our fitness course and done-for-you workout templates will help get you started [purchase once you're inside SSB. Currently on sale for $19.99!]. We've taken the guesswork out of exercise programming and created these templates so you have structure, but made sure to leave you plenty of options to select which exercises you want to do in order to combat boredom and/or accommodate whatever equipment you have available to you. 

Never again will you mindlessly kick-back along to some random Instagram swipe workout, not knowing if it's getting you any closer to reaching your goals. These templates have built in structure and are specifically programmed to produce results.

Weekly recipe drops [included in the mini membership] inside our "meal prep club" topic keep nutrition fun and exciting. Each recipe has a handy MyFitnessPal barcode scanner which means logging your meals is a breeze! 

You will find weekly article drops [included in the mini membership] on a variety of topics like gut health, healthy habits, nutrition, body composition, menopause, pelvic floor + core, plus so much more. We've gathered the best advice from experts in every field and delivered it to you in an easy-to-digest format.

Other amazing resources bundled into the mini membership include four digital cookbooks [high protein, plant-based, low carb, vegan] with MyFitnessPal barcode scanners, the SmartStrongBold™ Macronutrient Calculator, Activities to Steps Conversion Chart & Calculator, supplement guides, immunity guide, Easy 3's: Fool-Proof Grocery Shopping & Meal Prep, and so much more.

Part of our TTC, pregnancy, or postpartum community? 

We have an entire course + corresponding private group just for you! Our "Bun In The Oven" course is a comprehensive pregnancy course that covers TTC, core & pelvic floor, exercise by trimester, nutrition, & more! You can purchase "Bun In The Oven" for a one-time fee of $29.99 [currently on sale, down from $97] after joining the $9.99 mini membership.

Our coveted "12 week challenges" are available to members-only. As a mini member, you get first dibs on spots when our 12 week challenge opens [next one opening for New Year 2023!]. These are an additional charge of $49.99 monthly but include an initial personalize macronutrient check by qualified coaches, bi-weekly group check ins, a halfway customized check-in with qualified coaches, a new workout program each month [endurance, strength, shred], a secret challenge group, and additional resources.

An exclusive members-only podcast is coming soon and will live inside our SmartStrongBold™ network. Tune in for conversations with guest experts on all your favorite topics. [Included in the mini membership.]

Why Should You Join The SmartStrongBold™ Community?

You're tired of sifting through conflicting health information online.

→ Take the stress out of nutrition, fitness, and health.

→ Learn from qualified professionals.

→ Access to new, educational content on a weekly basis.

→ Join a supportive community and get your health questions answered.

→  Enjoy flexible membership. While I certainly hope you stick around, you are never locked into membership. Cancel your subscription at any time.

You get a reminder email about upcoming charges each month. You are responsible for canceling your membership. Please be aware that you are purchasing digital products and services that cannot be returned. Refunds will not be issued under any circumstance.

Ready To Join SmartStrongBold™?

Join the mini membership and gain instant access to evidence-based content.

SmartStrongBold™ Mini Membership

The SmartStrongBold™ mini membership grants access to the membership website without course access. The fitness course, workout templates, nutrition course, and Bun In The Oven are NOT included in mini membership.

SmartStrongBold™ Mini Membership at $9.99 is your access to the membership platform. Once you're inside, you can pick and choose courses "à la carte" depending on what makes sense for you.

This option includes:

→ Access to the main network where you can interact with other members, ask questions, and get responses from educated nutrition professionals
→ New articles weekly (you won't find this information on Instagram!)
→ Four digital cookbooks
(high protein, vegan, low carb, plant-based)
→ Meal prep club: new recipes dropping every Friday to make weekly meal prep more fun!
→ The SmartStrongBold™ Macronutrient Calculator
→ Activities to Steps Conversion Chart & Calculator
→ Supplement guides
→ Immunity guide
→ Easy 3's: Fool-Proof Grocery Shopping & Meal Prep
→ The upcoming members-only podcast

...and so much more!

SmartStrongBold™ is for all women

SmartStrongBold™ welcomes our trans and non-binary community members. All gender identities & pronouns will be respected, affirmed, & celebrated. We are inclusive of women of all ages, races, religions, economic status, ethnicities, abilities, gender identity, and sexual orientation or anatomy at birth.

Refund Policy

You are purchasing digital products and services that cannot be returned. Refunds will not be issued under any circumstance for services already rendered or products already purchased. 

You are responsible for canceling your recurring payment should you choose to discontinue membership.

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